This is one of the reasons why I cannot make myself buy a smart watch. Rugged, solar powered, auto time calibration, auto illuminate and relatively affordable. Best of all, no distractions.

There’s that low flying cloud again, but this time from a different angle… ~ June 22, 2020

Three of my favorites in a photo; my son, my car and a beautiful sky.

Wonderful looking clouds… ~ June 22, 2020

That second one almost looks like a low-flying ship.

Like as if a spotlight was hidden inside the clouds… ~ June 19, 2020

Beautiful shades of blue… ~ May 15, 2020

This was the view when looking away from the sunset in my previous post. The photos were taken just a minute apart.

Re-activated my subscription. Trying to see if it will work better as a photo-blog for my sky photos…

A beautiful sunset ~ May 15, 2020